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    The National Wildlife Centre (NWC) broke ground on its first wildlife field hospital in Caledon.

    The organization has been helping wildlife patients locally, across the province and country since its inception in 2014 through a mobile hospital and network service approach, a media release said.


    • With the help of supporters, NWC is now expanding its services to offer a permanent wildlife hospital in Caledon.

    • The hospital will be equipped to provide urgent medical care to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife from around the GTA and throughout Ontario, the release said.

    • The NWC consists only of volunteers at this time, with their team led by Co-founder and Medical Director Dr. Sherri Cox.

    • Cox has built a team of veterinarians and veterinary interns, trained specifically in the field of urgent wildlife medical care, the release said.

    • The team directly supports and consults with numerous organizations across Ontario and Canada about wildlife patients.


    This article was provided by Caledon Enterprise.