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    These polar bears are all being carefully monitored and are receiving oxygen and having their vital signs checked. Shortly after this photo, they were loaded up into two helicopters and taken safely away from the community. We constantly monitored them through the transport to be sure they stayed asleep on board. Once we arrived at the release site, we ensured they were stable and *just* about ready to wake up – but not before we could leave on the two helicopters to allow them a quiet recovery.

    Mama bear and her two little ones (one male and one female) safely recovered from anesthesia.

    We checked on them later and all were up and moving about together as a family again.

    A big thanks to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry staff for this tremendous effort to move these bears to a safe and appropriate location . A fantastic team comprised of multiple people and the community to save these bears.

    And a huge thank you and shout out to those keeping these bears and the community safe for several days before the MNRF team arrived: The Moose Cree First Nation and the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service (Official) spent countless hours monitoring the bears and ensuring public safety and countless volunteers, including the Fire Department all helped in this effort. We know that many sleepless nights endured by these folks helping to ensure the safety of all. Way to go everyone! A true collaborative, team effort. Our sincere thanks to everyone.

    Thank you for helping Canada’s wildlife!