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    We work as a team with many organizations, including Rehabilitation Centres, such as Bear With Us. 

    See this story written by Mike McIntosh of Bear With Us

    Ten days ago this young second year cub bear was hit by a vehicle near Bracebridge. Veterinarian Dr. Nellissa Stanelhoef from the National Wildlife Centre (NWC) attended to the young bear at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. X-rays showed the bear had a ruptured diaphragm. His stomach, spleen and some of the intestines were crowding his lungs and heart. The NWC vet drove the bear back to the NWC clinic and performed emergency surgery. His internal organs were put back in his abdomen where they belong and his diaphragm was stitched closed. A few days later the team of Vets at NWC repaired a broken front leg. We are now able to say that thanks to the talented team of Vets at the NWC, the young bear, named ‘Lee’ will have a future in the wild once again.