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    Police say a bear cub found abandoned on the side of a road in Tiny Township Sunday night was struck by a vehicle and suffered a head injury.

    The tiny cub, named Lenny from Tiny, is recovering at Bear With Us in Sprucedale.

    Police say officers were called to rescue the tiny cub, roughly the size of a large house cat, and found it alone and crying loudly on the shoulder of the 4th Concession.

    Officers say there were no signs of its mother, and the cub appeared lethargic.

    The night shift officers picked it up, placed it in the back of the cruiser and brought it to the detachment for a little TLC overnight.

    “Night shift is always interesting,” the OPP stated in a post on Twitter about the rescue mission.

    On Monday morning, the cub was “whisked off” by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Midhurst to receive veterinary care.

    The staff at Bear With Us says they are ‘guardedly optimistic,’ adding the cub appears to be responding to treatment.

    The baby bear will stay at the rehabilitation centre for a year before being released.

    This article was provided by CTV News Barrie.