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    This story was written by Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

    This young coyote was recently hit by a car suffering breaks to both of her front legs. After intake, we took her to the National Wildlife Centre where she received the necessary surgery to realign her bones. Her prognosis is good, and we anticipate that she will heal quickly here at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary before being released back into the wild. 

    Two Weeks Later: It was A VERY BIG DAY for the coyote in our care when she recently had the pins in her legs removed. She had been hit by a car suffering breaks to both of her front legs, and received surgery to realign her bones. We are THRILLED to report that she is a BIG STEP CLOSER to life in the wild. 

    We are so glad to be part of her return to health. She healed quickly after a very long and tricky surgery! That’s Dr. Taryn Ellis from NWC with Mon from Aspen Valley. Dr. Ellis has been monitoring the progress of the coyote & subsequently removing the pins. Thanks to everyone for helping this pup recover!