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    Veterinary Internships

    National Wildlife Centre Veterinary Internship Program

    The National Wildlife Centre’s veterinary program is national in scope and trains many wildlife veterinary students and veterinary graduates in wildlife medicine. Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality of medicine for Canadian wildlife in partnership with authorized wildlife rehabilitators across the country. 

    This unique position combines hands-on supervision training along with the use of innovative technology solutions to carry out a robust and diverse caseload of wildlife patients in need of diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries. Currently, we have positions in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Manitoba. The veterinary intern will be trained by the National Wildlife Centre’s medical team and work closely and collaboratively with the staff and leadership at the wildlife rehabilitation centre.


    The internship program is designed to provide veterinarians with hands-on experience in wildlife medicine, surgery and rehabilitation. S/he will gain experience in Canadian wildlife regarding: assessment, physical examination, stabilization, laboratory analysis options, radiography, chemical immobilization, anesthesia, common surgical procedures, basic avian orthopedics, current therapy (including analgesics & antibiotics used in wildlife), and necropsy examinations where appropriate. The intern will report directly to medical director at the National Wildlife Centre (NWC). 

    Qualifications & Experience

    Because of the uniqueness of this position, there will be significant time where the intern will be mentored remotely using technology (webcam, Skype/Zoom telephone etc). Applicants should have at least one year as a rotating intern or equivalent experience. Preference will be given to applicants with previous wildlife experience.

    Application Process

    For more information, or to apply for a position, please include the following with your application: 

    • Current Résumé 
    • Cover letter explaining your interest and/or experience in wildlife medicine as well as your career goals 
    • Three references, including contact information 
    • Current proof of protective rabies titre 

    Please send your package to: Dr. Sherri Cox,  info@nationalwildlifecentre.ca